My name is François Verret. I write fantasy and science-fiction, just like the title says. I studied literature at Rosemont College, in my hometown of Montreal. I am working on several projects, novels and short stories alike, and will share more information on this blog when I can.

I have been a big fan of the Harry Potter books since I discovered them late in my teenage years. Some of my favourite recent reads come from Nnedi Okorafor, Becky Chambers, and Joanne M. Harris. Did you know my sister Aimée Verret is also a writer?

On top of being a professional writer, I am also a translator and homemaker. In my free time, I play video games, especially of the role-playing variety. Pizza and ramen are my great food loves, though good sushi is unbeatable.

Oh, and I maintain my cat’s blog. He would say this is one of my main duties.